Bridewell Day

14th March 2017

On Tuesday 14th of March, Year 8 and the Bridewell Choir went to Southwark Cathedral in London to celebrate Bridewell Day.

Southwark Cathedral opened in 1704 and it was amazing to be able to go there. HRH Duchess of Gloucester attended the service. The choir sang two songs called ​”I was Glad”​ and “​Blest Pair of Sirens” accompanied by brilliant Mr Wardell on the organ.

Following the service, all of Year 8 and the choir went to the Southbank and enjoyed a nice waffle with ice cream. Whilst they were having their ice creams we were whisked off to the Guildhall to have a very sophisticated lunch with Mr Skehan and Ms Garcia. The lunch was attended by HRH Duchess of Gloucester and the Lord Mayor of London. Following lunch, we met the others and boarded the coach and went back to school. 

King Edward VI founded King Edward’s School in 1553. King Edward received a letter saying that there was a problem with poor children living on the streets. So Edward gave the Bridewell Palace to the city children as an orphanage. On Tuesday It was the 150th anniversary of King Edward’s School moving from Bridewell Palace in London to Witley and this is what was being celebrated in the cathedral.

Report by Head Boy, Hector and Head Girl, Annabel.



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