In the Lap of the Gods

30th March 2017

A Review of ‘In the Lap of the Gods’ by Arran.

I found the plot interesting as there are twists. It is about Greek myths. My favourite legend was Arachne because she gets turned into a spider by Athene.

My favourite character was Hope (James) in Pandora’s box. He had great voice projection after all the evils had come on. Some of the evils were Spite, Murder, Sickness, Selfishness, Starvation and Bullying.

I really liked the show because it made me feel happy and I felt proud to be part of it. I now know the myths of King Midas, the Sirens, Pandora, Arachne, Icarus and Atalanta which I didn’t know before.

I would recommend this show to a friend because I think everyone did their best!

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Lap of the Gods

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