Year 7 An Evening of Music and Drama

30th March 2017

Year 7 entertained their parents and guests on Tuesday 28th March with an excellent and varied evening of music and drama. After a very funny introduction from Ben and Oscar, the cast performed several scenes from the book, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. These very moving pieces were very well acted and the audience sat spellbound as this sad story unfolded. Max, Eddie and Flyn told the story of Bruno’s move from Berlin to Out With, Ben, Emily and Alexander acted the first meeting between Bruno and Shmuel while Julien, Matthew, Alexander and Tomas performed a scene that showed Bruno’s betrayal of his friend. Sam, Imogen and Ollie showed us the final meeting between the two boys. Next Matthew and Sam played piano solos and then Julien played his French horn. Tomas introduced six songs from Little Shop of Horrors and year 7 performed with skill, confidence and enthusiasm. After the interval, this talented cast performed a play called “Anything you say, your Majesty’. The Queen decides she wants to stage her coronation so she can get her picture in ‘HI There’ magazine (the celebrity magazine read by celebrities ). Unfortunately the coronation crown has gone missing… Can the captain and his soldiers find it before it’s too late? Bethany was a very funny Queen and Amy played a very confident Lady in Waiting turned PR Manager! Harvey and Harry were a great comic duo. Julian was a superb Stage Manager and did a great job putting on a giant plant and a shopping trolley! Year 7 have worked very hard over this term to put together a show of a very high standard. Thank you to Mrs Mason,, Mr Wardell and Mrs Goedkoop, and also all the parents and staff who helped with make up and costumes. Thanks to Mr Shreeve for his support backstage. To visit the production photo gallery on our website please click here. Year 7 An Evening of Music and Drama

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