Super Hare-O

30th June 2018

Luciana Flavell and her Super Hare-O joined assembly on Friday to announce the winner of the Year 2 competition to write his story.

Haslemere Hares 2018, is the successor to Haslemere Hogs, the highly successful Community Arts project that took place in the summer of 2017. The finished artworks are on display in Haslemere and will be followed by a ‘March of the Hares’ auction of any models not purchased by their sponsors. Just before half term, Year 2 were lucky enough to be introduced to local artist Luciana Flavell and Super Hare-O.

Super Hare-O needed a back story! The children were given a brief outline of their task and off they went, learning and understanding vocabulary to be included such as ‘nemesis’, ‘kryptonite’ and ‘saviour’!

The children used mind maps to plot their thoughts, which gave them time to think and record the plethora of ideas. Mrs Flavell had the tricky task of choosing the winner…

Runners up were Cleo (2G), Jasper (2G) and Charlie T (2G) and the winner was…Hamish (2R). Congratulations Hamish and well done to all of the Year 2 children!

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